Andor Olavson

Andor Olavson, known as Andy Olson in human lands, was born in 1745. He is one of the oldest living shifters and a trusted friend of the Alpha. Andor was married to a human woman, Lillian, before the war and has a daughter, Emily, who is half human. Before the war, Andor worked for the FBI for many years. Once he was forced to reveal his human nature he lost his wife, family, job and friends. Now that the war is over he works as an operative for FNT, using his human cover to sneak into their lands for information. His heightened telepathic abilities give him the power to travel back and forth at will. He is introduced in They Call Me Death.
  • 6'4"
  • Brown hair with streaks of gold past his waist
  • Golden eyes and bronze skin
  • Muscular build with broad shoulders
  • Resents "coming out" to the humans as a shifter, though the Alpha has his undying loyalty