Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Interview by a Human

Most of you know I do what I can to socialize with the Humans and keep the peace. I hope someday the wall will crumble never to be rebuilt. Until that time, I've found Human social media, such as it is for now, an excellent resource to this end. I was recently interviewed by author Missy Jane for the Human Social Standard. Here it is for your perusal:

MJ: Good morning Alpha, and thank you so much for joining me today on the Human Social Standard radio show. How are you?
ST: Good morning, Ms. Jane. I am well, thank you.
MJ: I'd like to start by properly introducing you to our audience and follow up with questions they sent in over the past week. Okay?
ST: That is certainly acceptable.
MJ: Thank you. For the listeners who don't know, I'm speaking to Sandulf Theodereiks, the Alpha of the Theodereiks Pack and leader of the Federal Nation of Therianthropes. Did I get all of that right?
ST: (chuckle) Yes. Very well done.
MJ: Thank you. I'm not certain if every human realizes that the whole shifter country is essentially your pack. Can you explain that?
ST: Well, basically it is as you say. I'm the Alpha of my pack, however that is not limited to the wolves of FNT. Once I was named leader of all shifters on this continent, they each became a member of my pack regardless of their animal.
MJ: Interesting. So every creatures from sky to sea is under your authority?
ST: In FNT, yes. My authority and my protection. They go hand in hand.
MJ: Of course. Now two of the prevailing questions from our audience are how old are you and how long have you been Alpha of FNT?
ST: I've officially been the Alpha of FNT since the treaty was signed to
end the war with the humans. However, the other shifters recognized me as their
alpha long before that. Currently I'm five hundred and eight years old. The oldest living wolf shifter in the world.
MJ: I see. Our audience also wants to know if you view the wall as a barrier keeping you out, or a cage keeping you in?
ST: Intriguing question. To be honest I hadn't thought of it as either. I see the wall as a barrier for certain but not one that affects only me. I believe it affects everyone and so long as it stands there will never be true peace.
MJ: So, you don't think it keeps the peace?
ST: Not as well as the species learning to live together would.
MJ: Excuse me for saying so, Alpha, but don't you think that's a little naive? I mean even before shifters revealed themselves, humans had trouble living together in peace.
ST: That is certainly true, but I believe tolerance can be taught to even the simplest mind.
MJ: I hope you're right. Well, our time is nearly up but I hope you'll agree to visit again and answer the rest of our questions.
ST: Absolutely. Most fear the unknown and I wish to be known among the humans.
MJ: And not feared?
ST: That certainly depends on the human in question.

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  1. I love this idea. Fantastic. Great way to get to know the characters.
    Carol L.