Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lance Ulrick Interviewed

Excerpt from They Call Me Death:
Lance Ulrick walked over with his usual tough-guy swagger, blond ponytail swishing behind him. At just over six foot, he is one of the shortest men on wall duty at night, but the width of his shoulders makes up for it. Of all of the gung-ho "I love to be military" men in my unit, Lance is the worst. If he'd been born a shifter, he would surely be an alpha. I hate patrolling with him almost as much as he hates me. I'm the only woman in our unit he hasn't slept with.

Missy Jane: Tonight I'm interviewing Lance Ulrick, a soldier from CHS. Welcome Lance! I'll take questions from the readers.

Reader: What do you do for a living?

Lance: Hello everyone. I'm a human soldier manning the wall that separates the shifter city of Circe from the human city of Georgetown. I keep the animals in their place. It's against the law in CHS for shifters to cross the border under any circumstances. Humans can go into FNT, but not the other way around. We try to deport them peacefully but...they're animals.

Reader: Isn't it a little harsh for no shifters allowed at all? Surely not all of them are bad?

Lance: What can I say, that's not my call. The human government put it in the treaty and the Alpha agreed. That's the law and I just uphold it.

Missy: And I'm sure you do a fine job…

Lance: Thanks. I try.

Reader: Do you have something against shifters? Please tell us what a shifter has done to you.

Lance: I wouldn't necessarily say I have something against shape-shifters. It's my job to keep them out of the Combined Human Sates and in their own country, the Federal Nation of Therianthropes. Some of them obey the law and some don't. I just do my job.

Reader: And what happens when they get out of hand?

Lance: Well, we all carry handguns and Alexia even carries a sword. Most of the shape-shifters that give us a hard time are aggressive species so we have to defend ourselves aggressively. I've never had to kill one though. Knock them out cold with a hard fist to the head, yeah. But I haven't killed any.

Reader: Can Lance give us a description of himself? And what is he wearing?

Lance: Hehe, sure thing. Usually I'm out in the hot sun in full uniform, a black t-shirt, black cargo pants and black military boots. Right now I'm taking it easy in well worn jeans and a white t-shirt. I like variety.

Reader: That's sexy, but what do you look like, hair color/length, eye color build. We already know you are only 6 ft. LOL. Oh yeah and boxers or briefs?

Missy: Wow, getting a little personal.

Lance: That's quite all right. I like curious women ;-) I'm actually six-one and into boxer briefs, specifically in blue. Yeah, other guys tower over me. But you know the saying the bigger they are the harder they fall? Height doesn't mean much. I have dark blond hair that's pretty straight most days. I keep it in a ponytail out of my way. I'd cut it if my commander didn't hate it so much.

Missy: Let's not forget your chiseled jaw and broad shoulders. Ladies, he has a six pack to weep over...sigh.

Lance: (grin)

Reader: So if you were to choose someone to be your ultimate female...what would she be like?

Lance: Believe it or not I really like intelligent women. Yeah, I know Alexia was saying some pretty evil things about me, but she's wrong. Smart women are a turn on because I can actually hold a conversation with them. Of course, it helps if they're pretty too.

Missy: Sigh, yeah, Lance. Alexia is sooo wrong about you ;-P

Reader: Do you consider yourself a ladies man?

Lance: What a great question. Yes I do, as a matter of fact. My partner, Alexia Williams, might not completely agree with my way of thinking. But, there's no denying I make the ladies happy. Hell, half our time is spent just walking back and forth along the wall. I keep things interesting.

Reader: What do you do in your spare time?

Lance: Spare time? Do you know how many hours I spend on that wall? A lot. When I'm not enjoying female company I like to read mysteries. Kinda the same thing really.;-D

Reader: Will we see more of Lance?

Missy: Absolutely! Lance has a lot going on right now.

Lance: Oh yeah. I just finished a mission that was close to my heart, but that task is by no means complete.

Missy: Cryptic words, Lance?

Lance: (grins)


  1. haha!! I love me some Lance!=)
    *Double grin*
    Oh how I would love to read of the woman who steals your heart!